Wisdom’s Storehouse – CD




If you spend very much time observing people today, you can see a deep need for wisdom.
Most people do not possess the skills for living successfully. A close examination of ten of the richest Proverbs will provide us with the means necessary to live a satisfied and fulfilled life. Each lesson will explore the depth of the Proverb as well as offer practical applications for our lives. Included on the download are the Word documents for the Teachers Manual and Student Handbook as well as Power Points for each lesson. The Word documents can be edited and copied as needed for the local assembly but may not be copied and distributed beyond that.

• Discovering The Storehouse
• Trust In The Lord
• Keep Your Heart With All Diligence
• Hating The Things That God Hates
• Loving The Things That God Loves
• Living A Life Of Integrity
• Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your Future
• The Stewardship Of “First Fruits”
• Life Lessons From The Ant And The Sluggard
• Wisdom For Families


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