Christian Character – Download




Manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit is vital to good character and a productive relationship with God.
These 10 lessons are designed to explore the meanings of each of the aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit, as well as how to apply them in the believer’s everyday life. Included on the download are the Word documents for the Teachers Manual and Student Handbook as well as Power Points for each lesson. The Word documents can be edited and copied as needed for the local assembly but may not be copied and distributed beyond that.

• Character: The Making of a Believer
• Our Purpose is to Bear Fruit
• Love: The foundation of the Kingdom
• Joy: In All Things
• Peace: That Passes All Understanding
• Longsuffering: Beyond Reasonable and Logical
• Gentleness: Excellence in Character
• Goodness: Virtue and Integrity of Character
• Faithful: To The End
• Meekness: Strength Under Control
• Temperance: Mastering Yourself


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